Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have been considering other topics to see what the Kinect could be used for.  To do this I have been listing what the Kinect would be good for and bad for.  As for gesture based interfaces I don't believe the Kinect is that suitable, this is because there are so many other ways to interface with the computer.  The only real advantage the Kinect has is that you don't have to be near the computer you are controlling.  This makes it suitable for a gesture based presentation, but even then a simple remote would be easier.  A lot of the interfaces which the Kinect could be good at would be better implemented using a touch screen, keyboard...

So basically I have control of an interface is not suitable for the Kinect, but the Kinect is good for measuring movement of an actual body.  From this I came up with some ideas to help me figure out what the Kinect is good for.  Some of the ideas were:
  • Flexibility/stretching help, this could be used for rehabilitation from injuries.  It could try attempt to help the person correctly perform the task and also compile progress reports
  • Sign language to text, to help people communicate
  • Interactive learning for younger kids, this would be an attempt to make learning more fun and involving and hopefully allows to better learn their material
  • Interactive art, using the Kinect to show interactive art on a screen responding to the persons behaviour
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder treatment, this would help children with the problem
  • Determine how drunk someone is by their body, could be used as pub security
After these ideas I came I decided to go back to my original idea of music, but with some differences.  It will  evolve more around fun and movement.  So continuing this idea, I have been made an small program that gets the users voice and determines the pitch by using autocorrelation I also use RMS of the signal to determine if the user is actually making a sound.  I have also further been developing with the Kinect starting to a small program to detect if the hand will be open or closed.  I have decided that the final implantation of my program will not have a user interface, more just some graphic representation of the movements or the music.

A good video to show something similar to what I have thought about doing is:  This shows the user controlling the filters and other aspects of the pre-made music.  I am considering having the music fully composed by the user, as this will use the back end I have already completed.